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International Students – Pathway to Australian permanent residence (PR) require careful planning 

Obtaining PR in Australia is no longer as easy as it used to be. Particularly for international students trying to obtain PR using onshore studies require careful planning. There are many registered migration agents who can help you and some of them will provide free initial consultation. Although not comprehensive some of the points below may help you to understand the pathway to PR for international students. 

Select the correct study course 

Understand the current skills in demand in Australia and do some research to ensure that the occupations that you acquire through your studies are likely to remain in the skills list at the end of your studies. These skills are generally found on the Skills occupations listing published by the department of Immigration and Boarder Protection. 

Ensure that you study the minimum study period to meet the Australian Study requirement

This would generally mean that you need to study no less than 16 months & the qualification attained by a student should be registered for at least two academic years (92weeks) and undertaken while in Australia holding a qualifying visa. You need to exclude the credits for previous studies undertaken outside Australia in determining whether you have met the Australian study requirement. 

Australian Visa Label (sample)

Check the assessment criteria for your qualification

All qualifications obtained in Australia have to be assessed by an approved assessing authority before you apply for migration. Each assessing authority has different requirements some requesting higher bands for International English Language Test results (IELTS) and others may require work experience as well. 

How you get the points to apply for “Expression of Interest” (EOI)

Skills pathway visas now require you to apply for EOI. To apply for EOI you currently require minimum of 60 points. Points are generally awarded for your age, English ability, Qualification (degree etc), meeting Australian Study requirement & related work experience. You may also get points for community Language (NATTI) & professional year. If your occupation is sponsored by respective state governments then you may get additional points. Close relative family members can only sponsor for provisional visas and not for direct PR.

Apply for EOI does not guarantee you an invitation to apply for Visas

There is an occupational ceiling for each of skills occupation. Invitation to apply for visas is issued based on your point score and whether the occupation ceiling has been reached for program year under consideration. Currently there is a minimum ceiling for each occupational group of 1000 invitations.

Use Graduate Post Study Work Visas (minimum 2 years) until you can apply for PR

If you are unable to apply for PR you have the option of applying for Graduate Post Study Work Visas. In order to be eligible for this you should have applied for Australian visas on or after 05 November 2011 and completed your higher education degree, Masters or PHD while studying in Australia. Unfortunately students completing Diploma studies will not be entitled to this visa.

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