Sebema Amma (සැබෑම අම්මා) Real Mother - Visharada Chamari Weerakoon (Music Video)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00 Published in Music Videos
Tribute to real mothers......
A flower blooms from one petal to another
Leaving space between each other
Yet it is full of fragrance without a pause
The little beauty....
You will never ever be too many to me
Among the children who run around
You may not noisily run around
Drowning the chatter of all other children
I will still hear you from the bottom of my heart 
The way for you to win your own world
I will teach you with compassion
A flower blooms......
Among the children born with much merit
You are never short of good deeds
Among mothers with much merit
As a mother I am never short of good deeds
In order to full fill the perfection of a true mother
You have appeared as an angel
Artist : Visharada Chamari Weerakoon 
Lyrics : Yamuna Malini Perera
Music : Rohana Weerasinghe
Visual Director : Rukmal Nirosh


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