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Ex-employees of Seylan Bank now domiciled in Australia held their inaugural get- together in grand style. Although Australia is the new home, Ex- Seylan Bankers hearts and thoughts are still very much back home where they grew up to be what they are today. Their time with “Seylan Bank “ has been an extremely enjoyable and challenging one and is so very much integrated in their lives that the friendships they forged is unforgettable and so very important to them!  


Seylan Bank PLC was founded in 1987 and opened its doors for business on 24th March 1988. Originally named Seylan Trust Bank Limited, it was part of the Ceylinco Group of Companies. The goal of the Bank's Founder Chairman, Dr. Lalith Kotelawala, was to offer retail customers a more welcoming, service-oriented alternative in a banking culture that was then generally perceived to be formal and regimented, even a bit austere. From the outset, Seylan Bank presented itself as a flexible, customer-friendly, with a service motto that soon caught the attention of prospective customers: 'The Bank with a Heart'

It’s in this culture that the staff of Seylan bank is nurtured, which promotes close camaraderie, resulting in an employee becoming more than a mere work colleague. 

Since arriving in Australia many of Ex-Seylan Bankers were assisted in settling down by their friends from the bank. Though they were there for each other a formal group was not a “plan” at any stage. However since then over the years the growing numbers meant an increase in their “resources” where many of them had now changed career’s and could help each other in different fields and share their new found knowledge.

To enable to create such an environment Ex-Seylanins gathered the “troops” under one roof on the 22 Nov 2014 and made it a night for the “Seylan Family”. The event was a complete success with everyone planning to meet again in the very near future!

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