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BY TREVINE RODRIGO IN MELBOURNE (Special report from Sydney)

"Music legend celebrates with style"

He has pulled off some spectacular acts in his time, but the appetite to always pull out another ‘rabbit from the hat’ is never far from the thoughts of innovative genius Desmond De Silva who celebrated his milestone 70th birthday with a ‘surprise’ wedding to loving partner Phyllis Van Houten as well at Sydney’s Historic Mamare House, on Mamare Road, Orchard Hills.


After years of stage gimmicks and countless numbers of surprises to his massive fan base worldwide, Desmond De Silva saved his best for his most devoted family and friends at a lavish ceremony held at his home city in Sydney. And this time, for once, music and performing was the last thing on his mind.

Well wishers who travelled from overseas and interstate to be part of Des’s special birthday, found out to their dismay, that they were in for a special surprise themselves.

Des and partner Phyllis who complement each other in more ways than one with their innovative mindset, had hatched a clever plot for the guests in true uncharacteristic fashion with the surprise of their nuptials concealed in their table name cards. The announcement on the night was met with a huge round of applause.

It was a close knit affair consisting of family and friends and was complemented with a sit down meal, fine wine and some quality music provided by maestro Roger Menzies. Melbourne’s contribution came from Replay 6 leaders Sandra and Esric Jackson (part of the bridal party), who soon had the place rocking.

As is the norm, Des, lookied suave and partner Phyllis glamorous as always, and the couple painted a picture that depicted happiness and tranquillity as they mingled with the crowd to share their joy. The theme for the night was “The great Gatsby” and guests dressed up appropriately for the event.

Part of the night’s program was the ‘Roasting’ Des was meant to get from those who know of his intricate past. But none could get past the narration of his sibling brother Melroy who revived memories of his near ‘Crucifixion’ by his elder brother, Desmond, one Easter, when they were kids in Sri Lanka. “He had made up a cross, got me to lie in it with arms stretched wide and was about to nail me to it with a big rusty nail when my aunty came to my rescue”, reminisced his laughing brother. “It was terrifying at the time”, he admitted later.

The happy couple were in their elements as the night progressed and there was little doubt that the great man has found lifelong accomplishment in his new partnership with Phyllis.

Desmond De Silva’s chapter in life continues unabated as his 50-year celebration in music winds down after several performances to thousands of his adoring fans worldwide. 

Sydney’s popular MC Duke Ramachandran was in charge of the evening’s events.

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