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Monday, 24 November 2014 00:00 Published in Promotional Videos

Walawwa showcased its latest addition to the ongoing culinary experience for excellence with Sri Lanka's celebrity singing chef Don Sherman showing off some of his signature dishes to a select group of experts in the culinary field as well as persons with a passion for food.

Walawwa - 'The Bungalow' at Sandown Regency.

What an afternoon of good food, entertainment and friendship.

Sunday 23 Nov was the official welcome and introduction of new Chef Don Sherman to the highly successful Walawwa restaurant team.

What a chef he is too. But wait, there’s more to this guy. He sings Rap, he’s a successful TV presenter in Sri Lanka, he’s an ambassador for some of the world’s biggest brands and the list goes on. 

The full house of 150 guests were enthralled with his cooking demonstrations. He is the only chef in Sri Lanka to have a song for his dishes. Yes that’s right!  The “chicken fried rice song” & ice cream kotthu song brought the house down whilst he made the respective dishes in full view of his audience.

The management/directors   Mano Ratnayake Nash Samarakoon and Shehan Wijeyawardena were all introduced to the VIP guests. Also the big crowd who had booked in for their all you can eat Sri Lankan Buffet enjoyed the formalities too. Other staff members were mentioned as part of the official Walawwa team.

Melbourne’s Sri Lankan media and business community were all well represented and will be able to talk about what was a unique experience, not commonly seen or heard. They will no doubt be eager to experience some of the exciting new plans outlined for down the track.

Master of ceremonies Rob Foenander kept the afternoon moving along with the agenda items plus the on the spot last minute announcements, much to the guests amusement. Jenny Anderson from his Band o Gold then joined Rob to do what they do best. Sing.  A 20 minute spot was enough to wet the appetites of the crowd who enjoyed some light music whilst resting in between courses.

More music was then provided by Melbourne’s leading Sri Lankan band members Sandra & Esric Jackson from Replay 6. Their set too created a great ambience with their country flavoured songs. They do this stuff so well and it’s easy to see why they are regular music providers at the Walawwa. They never fail wherever they play. Add to that, they are great community minded people too.

So all up, a wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by both the Sri Lankans and non Lankans who appreciated the food, music and entertainment – Yeah just a little something different!

Rob Foenander (88.3fm – SNNI). 



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