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Monday, 18 April 2016 00:00 Written by  Published in Australia News

A photographic exhibition by two very creative Sri Lankan photographers - Athula Ranaraja and Dinesh Ayantha.

'The People ' photographic an exhibition express the rhythm of the people in Sri Lanka and Australia. 

From an abundance of beautiful images available to the naked eye around fifty such images have been

captured in two ways of artistic scope of Athula Ranaraja and Dinesh Ayantha presented to you with the thoughts of displaying photographic expertise, but to share with everyone the 'The People ' has to offer.

This will cover the nature of the behaviour with various techniques and lighting exposure on the daily activities in Sri Lankan rural lifestyle with their life struggling to survives and establishment of hardy life experience. Furthermore, different features of the moods such as happiness, sarrow. ....facial expressions based on the click for the most photographs in an exhibition.


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