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A photographic display celebrating 70 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Sri Lanka. highlighting the achievements and contributions of some significant figures within the diverse and vibrant Australian-Sri Lankan community. 

Sri Lankans in Australia

Standing on Common Ground

2017 marks 70 years of diplomatic ties between Australia and Sri Lanka. To celebrate this anniversary, the Australian and Sri Lankan governments are hosting events and activities that highlight our shared history, current connections, and future opportunities.

Sri Lankans have made a remarkable contribution to Australian society. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned this exhibition to represent the large and vibrant Sri Lankan community that has contributed so much to Australia’s multicultural life.

They represent all Sri Lanka’s ethnic groups – Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, and Burgher – and are leaders in their fields of academia, media, culture, literature, science, sport, medicine, government, business, and cooking.

Australia and Sri Lanka have a close partnership encompassing economic and development cooperation, joint efforts against transnational crime, strong education linkages, and engagement on issues of human rights and reconciliation.

Visitor information:

This photographic display is on the ground floor of the Immigration Museum

400 Flinders Street, Melbourne

Museum open daily 10am – 5pm






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