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The Benevolent Experience of Sri Lankan Hospitality

Conceived as a Design Gallery, Barnhouse Studio is one complex, one holistic location, architecturally articulated in demonstrating and authenticating A Way of Life – Where we as humans; adapt to nature rather than we changing the nature, the environment we live in.

Such way of life is funneled through above mentioned imperative creative manifestos -The Destination Wedding Culture in Sri Lanka; all services related to the concept of a wedding, within the aspects of a Banquet Space, Honeymoon Chalets, Wedding Décor, Secondly; Cinematic Artistry: The Art of Photography, and Thirdly - The Thinking Hand; School of Arts and Crafts.

Expanding the horizons, The Barnhouse Studio extends its space for Events/Occasions/Ceremonies of any caliber, whether it’s private, Public, Cooperate, Commercial or Educational. From exhibitions, conferences, lectures; from Festivals to Fashion shows, Beauty pageants, Commercials and TV shows; from Drama to Theatre and all that is Art, The Barnhouse Studio offers Creative Concept Formulation for the composition and choreography of your event!

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Playing the role of a visitor center, The Barnhouse Studio is all inclusive of an Eatery, Coffee Shop, Pool and a range of recreational facilities.

Location: No. 155/9, 2nd Lane, Galpotta Road, Kiriberiya, Panadura, Sri Lanka


Contact No: +94768598084

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REGISTER NOW FOR 10% OFF in 2018/2019

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