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Streamlined Student Visa Processing

What is the streamlined Student visa process?
Australia has introduced a set of streamlined student visa processing arrangements for eligible student visa applicants from participating universities. Under this arrangement, visa applications are assessed as though they are a lower immigration risk, irrespective of their country of origin. 
What does this process mean for you?
This would mean that you will generally have fewer evidentiary requirements (including financial requirements) at the time of the application.
Furthermore, the initial assessment of your eligibility for enrolment will now by carried out by the university that you are applying to. In the past, this assessment was conducted by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. 
Who is eligible?
If you apply to be enrolled into a course listed below at a participating university, your visa application will be assessed under the new, streamlined visa processing system.
   - Bachelor’s Degree
   - Master’s degree
   - Doctoral degree
   - Non-award university student exchange or Study abroad program
Students enrolling in a Diploma course will only be eligible for streamlined visa processing if their diploma is undertaken as a part of a “package”, along with a degree course.

Post-Study Work Visas for International Students

What is it?
This is a new work visa stream (valid for 2-4 years) for international students who have:
               1.    Applied for their first student visa to Australia on or after 05 November 2011, and
               2.    Completed their higher education degree, Master’s Degree or PhD while studying in Australia.

Unfortunately, students completing Diploma studies will not be entitled to this visa.

Who is eligible?
In order to be eligible for this visa, you must fulfill the Australian Study Requirement.
This generally means that your registered course must be:
        1. Registered with CRICOS for at least two academic years (92 weeks) and
        2. Undertaken in no less than 16 months
All students applying for these visas should do so within 6 months of completing their studies.
Your visa application must include evidence that you have competent English (6 for each band in IELTS).
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