Tour organiser Mallik Zaveer promises they will be back

Sri Lanka’s aspirations to win the 2015 World Cup is being tested to the utmost by the ICC scheduling which has given them the hardest possible route to glory and fans here question whether there was an underlying plot to put them out of the equation in favour of pre-selected favourites. 


The ICC which is popularly believed to be controlled by certain member nations with financial clout has been recently identified as pro India, Australia and England by virtue of its policy to put the named countries at an elevated position over the others giving them control of all things concerning Cricket. 

Sri Lanka name strong squad for World Cup assault

Angelo Matthew’s leads a strong Sri Lankan squad to the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand with the burden on his shoulders to try and emulate or surpass the efforts of his predecessors, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena by making the final and then winning the elusive plum of world cricket.

Both Sangakkara and Jayawardene led the Lankans to the final hurdle in the Caribbean and Mumbai only to fall periliously close to winning a second World Cup which was snatched away from them by Australia and India making it frustrating to the cricket mad Island nation who have tasted a single success under Arjuna Ranatunge in 1996.

31st night at the Grand on Princes.

Is Alston Koch an unsung hero of Australian music?


BY TREVINE RODRIGO IN MELBOURNE (Special report from Sydney)

"Music legend celebrates with style"

He has pulled off some spectacular acts in his time, but the appetite to always pull out another ‘rabbit from the hat’ is never far from the thoughts of innovative genius Desmond De Silva who celebrated his milestone 70th birthday with a ‘surprise’ wedding to loving partner Phyllis Van Houten as well at Sydney’s Historic Mamare House, on Mamare Road, Orchard Hills.